A great option in your children’s education to is to homeschool them. There are many reasons to homeschool your children, that you do not need to justify, but there are a few tips to keep in mind if this is the route that you decide to take. You do not want your children to suffer because you did not plan out their educational options correctly.


The first thing that you should do if you are considering homeschool is ask yourself if you are mentally and physically prepared to be a teacher. While homeschooling often sounds good in theory, more goes into teaching than simply following a guide. Be honest, are you prepared to devote yourself to teaching, which is a full time job in its own right. Are you prepared to teach for nine months, or year round if you desire? Even if you answer yes to those questions, you will need to be prepared to separate your children from students. While they will still remain your children, are you prepared to treat them as normal students and not show favoritism, or simply move them along because that is what the timeline dictates? While some parents may be able to answer in the affirmative right away, it never hurts to fully think through the entire process. In addition to teaching, you will also have to prepare and grade assignments, as well as develop a comprehensive lesson plan that is on par with what is required for other, non-homeschooled students.


homeschoolIf you decide that you are up to the challenge of teaching full time, you will then want to look into the requirements needed to teach. Many states and local municipalities require special certifications before you are able to homeschool your children. You will want to check in with your local department of education and find out what is needed to start teaching. Often, there are certain guidelines and timeframes that you have to adhere to before you will be certified to work with students. It is important to follow these to the letter, or else you risk jeopardizing your student’s education. You may also have to complete certain continuing education credits yourself to keep your certification valid, meaning you will have to be in the classroom yourself too. Regardless of state requirements, having a continuing education plan for yourself is a great way to ensure that you are as up to date as you can be as an educator.


Finally, you will want to make sure that you have some sort of daycare available for when you are unable to be home. Sometimes life dictates that you have to do certain things outside of the house. Whether it is for an hour or a whole day, having some sort of supervision is important. Using a service like Care.com is a great way to find qualified childcare professionals for when you are unavailable. It will certainly make your life easier going forward.


Homeschooling requires a lot of …